I felt comfortable.


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British Studies Fundraiser

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just be yourself as cliche as that may sound and have manners:) dress in something cute that will grab his attention and be straight forward in what you want. hope i helped love:)
- trvpbunnie

Alrighty, I’ll make sure that I have a cute dress or something in my closet (:

Maybe even curl my hair.

Thank you!!

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I need help.

I’m going to be going on a couple of dates when I get back to school and i honestly don’t even know how to play it anymore.

I haven’t been on a date in like 3 years so I don’t know what to do and I feel like I might derp out.

Any tips or advice?

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Finally got a fine ass boy talking to me and giving me attention and treating me kindly and being the sweetest person ever and my dumb ass is making up excuses on why i don’t deserve it and why I should retreat and why I should not thing anything of it.

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Just an update for anyone who was rooting for me and DongHyun to happen.

It’s not gonna happen.

He’s too clingy and he likes white skinny girls and i’m none of that.

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Hey, saw your post about needing help with your dating situation. Here's my advice. Though it might sound mundane and a bit obvious, the core of dating is engaging with someone enough to know them more intimately. As you do, you'll see more of him, as well as his intentions. If you sense something is awry, please remember that it is never your obligation to make him happy. Also, remember to never compromise yourself *in any way* on the basis of trying to please him. Hope this helps!
- binibiniblackme

I’ll try and make sure to ask questions about him (: I really hope you doesn’t have alternative motives though.

Thanks for the tips!

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Some advice on your date, act natural. Stay calm. Act like you are just going to dinner with one of your friends. Good Luck! :)
- nessthegirl

Ok I’ll keep that in mind! 
Thanks~ <3 

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What school do you go to? Btw awesome blog!!!
- realityisanawfulplace

Aww thank you! I go to Texas A&M University - Commerce (: 

I’m a Visual Communications Major~

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